South African Falconry Association (SAFA) 2020 Field Meet at Lekoa Lodge

Provide your details and choose your accommodation here below...

New Dates: Week of 27 July 2020 - through to Sunday 2nd August

Please provide the following info:

  • Specify sharing or non-sharing preferences
  • Preferably, book as a group to share a chalet, provide names, and you will become the lead booker with whom we will correspond.
  • If not, we will allocate you a room and sharing partner ourselves.
  • Specify group size and dates
  • We will by default sign you up for daily breakfasts and the Gala Dinner (if you are here on that date), so specify if you wish to opt-out
  • Recall we have 2 chalet types: 6 sleepers, and 2 sleepers. The 2-sleepers are limited availability.


  • Chalet Accommodation - SHARING - Per person, per night - R 325.00 pp
  • Accommodation - SINGLE ROOM - Per person, per night - single R 650.00 pp
  • Camping – per person R 85.00 pp
  • Standard Breakfast R 95.00 pp
  • Gala Dinner Friday 5th July R 295.00 pp
  • SAFA Meet Fee TBC...